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ALO is a video chatting service, connecting people all around the world, find friends that you want.

Direct-Call. Video chat with an easier way

Create your personal Direct Call number
Your unique number for others to reach you!

Share your DirectCall Code on SNS and the Internet. You can meet more friends easily.
And also Personal information should not be given out unwillingly.

Enjoy Alo easily and quickly with DirectCall!

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Whenever, wherever free video chatting

Start ALO when you're feeling bored, or need a refresher.
Friends are waiting for you from all over the world.

Give a friendly greeting to new friends. Greet friends with "ALO~"

Did you know? With ALO, you can enjoy video chatting with all your devices.
ALO supports smartphone, tablet and PC all for free.

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We support iOS, Android and Web!

Have fun learning a foreign language.

Make full use of ALO, have a conversation with friends who speak other languages.
You can meet interesting new people from all around the world.

Was it difficult learning another language by telephone or video?

Now, you can learn a new language with fun, laughter and great conversations from all over the world.

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Please do not hesitate. ALO let you use body language and emoticons to provide a better learning environment.

If we're meant to meet again, we will

"Serendipity. It's one of my favorite words.
I think fate's behind everything."

- Movie of "Serendipity"

Whether it's an exciting first meeting or a meeting with fate, let ALO help you find your destiny

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Let ALO find your destiny for you.

Do you want to share your country's language and culture with new people? Start now with ALO!

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